Trails at Rocky Hill Ranch

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Within the loblolly pines of Smithville, Texas, you will find 25 miles of exhilarating trail! And it’s all sweet singletrack. Come out and enjoy top-notch mountain biking, trail running, and hiking. Read below for descriptions of our trails.  New Map Coming Soon.

Traditional Way Up
By taking Trailhead to Drop Zone to Grey’s Way to Fat Chuck’s you’ll be riding the route that most have ridden for years to begin their loops. This way allows you to taste the last bit of Fat Chuck’s Demise.

Easy Way Up
Take the road up through the Campground, through the bike-size gate in the fence and then follow the road a while. Keep going, past “The Wall” on the left, then veer left onto Mini-Me as it goes off into the woods. Take this across the Carpet Bridge onto the “Super Secret Switchback” trail straight ahead. After winding your way up, go straight across the Service Road to Water 1. That’s where the fun begins! Taking this route you’ll spread out the mile that is Fat Chuck’s Demise to more than 1.6 miles. It’s really much easier, sorta.

Fat Chuck’s Demise
From Trailhead enjoy the gentle slope as it meanders up Milk Jug hill. Then you’ll climb one hill after another of loose gravel and rock until you get to Fat Chuck’s headstone. Stop and pay yer respects before moving on to Water 1.

Tunnel of the Pines
An old Jeep road used as a connector for return routes. It is scenic and hilly. This route runs from Tunnel of the Pines to the southern end of West Fenceline.

Black Trac
If you like to climb, you’ll like this trail. It begins with a nice gravity ride and then you pay for it as you climb to the top. After that you’ll get another twisty, rocky gravity ride that leads to The Grind and The Wall, these are two Texas-sized dips in this trail for your entertainment.

Bottle in Front of Me
This trail has a little climbing and sweet little roller-coaster section. It also allows the rider to bypass a rather boring section of the service road. It’s a hoot!

Coyote Run
This section of singletrack is a nice winding climb up to West Fenceline from Tunnel of the Pines. Anyone taking the big loop should ride this trail.

Frontal Lobotomy
This trail winds you through the pines up and down for a mile or so. This is one of the “Extra Credit” trails that returns to Off The Lip a hundred or so feet beyond where it left. It adds mileage to any of the traditional loops beyond the 6 mile bailout.

This trail is a joy to ride. Mostly downhill, you’ll test your skills at keeping speed as you wind your way through. There are a few wooden trail features to clear minor obstacles and a fun loose rock downhill section just before you reach the end. The trail flows into Off The Lip.

Leapin’ Lizardz
Leaves Miracle Mile and provides much needed air-conditioning as gravity pays off down Lumberjack. At the bottom the Lizardz trail leaps off to the right into the woods where it takes you on a twisty fun ride. It’ll bring you back to Miracle mile a hundred or so feet beyond where you left. This is an “Extra Credit” trail that adds mileage to any loop.

Longhorn Loop
As part of the traditional loops this trail will take you to both the 9-mile and the 10-mile bailouts. It begins across the road from Water 2. After the 9-mile bail you’ll find rooty climbs, sweeping sandy turns, logs, and several steep creek crossings until you climb up to the 10-mile bailout and enter Tris Cross.

Miracle Mile

This trail is a piece of sweet singletrack as an alternative to riding the West Fenceline at it’s southernmost end. It is also the return route for all the traditional loops. It has good flow and mild grades with rooty climbs and short descents as it takes you from Water 4 to the Service Road near Water 1. Two of the “Extra Credit” trails (Leapin’ Lizardz & Y-Knot) originate and return to this trail. Pick them up to add mileage without missing much at all.

Off the Lip
A fun roller-coaster of a ride. It also has turns, roots, gravel and trees that seem to move in front of you if you don’t pay close attention. RHR’s first two “Extra Credit” trails are on this trail, so you can add more fun to the ride.

Omar’s Howl
This one takes you on the 16-mile loop and starts out climbing after the 12-mile bailout. Then, you’ll maintain a downhill trend with plenty to keep you amused along the way. Eventually you get to the creek crossing and on to Tunnel o’ the Pines.

Pine Pin
Coming from West Fenceline, you’ll have a short downhill run, a climb and then a twisty downhill through the pines with tight turns, logs, a surprise dip and more tree dodging until you reach Avenue of the Pines. The beginning of this trail is one of the highest spots on the ranch.

Tris Cross
After a short climb you get a long downhill run with turns, loose gravel and sandy spots. It’ll test your handling skills at speed as you dodge trees, negotiate turns and thread your way on a gravity ride that always ends too soon. The last half of this trail will be a steady climb up to the bailout, or, onto Omar’s Howl to ride the big loop.

West Fenceline
Takes you from the highest corner of the property to a screaming fast downhill with good visibility and only a few trees and dips. Most often ridden in part as the way to Pine Pin on the 16-mile loop, it can be taken on to Tunnel of the Pines.

“Why not?” Along the way you find shaded singletrack that makes you smile as you are challenged by a bit of gentle, steady climbing until you are dropped back onto Miracle Mile.

Reveille’s Romp
Reveille’s Romp is a new feature that is part of one of three extensions to Black Trac. Riders will enter this section at the exit side of The Wall and it will turn it into a triple dip of goodness that leads riders onto new singletrack all the way to Pfophenique. Now riders have singletrack from the beginning of Black Trac just after Miracle Mile, nearly all the way to the cattle guard at the Campground.

Between this section and the additions to the first section of Black Track about a mile of new singletrack has lengthened existing trail and replaced a jeep road section. Yay!

Printed trail maps are available at the ranch Sign-In. See photos of our trails on our Flickr Photo Album.


Trail changes effective immediately:
Please be aware that there is gravel mining going on in the area bordered by Karaway, South Fenceline, East Fenceline (South), and the Pipeline right of way on the north. Plans are to improve this area with natural grasses to attract wildlife. Mark this area on your map as NO BIKES.

Easy Pickens between Karaway and South Fenceline has been retired. The second half of Easy Pickens will now become a part of Karaway, which will now be shown from Water 1 to the road crossing before Off The Lip.